The U.S. Federal System


The United States of America is a country which uses a Federal System of government.  As such, the powers and responsibilities are divided between the national government and the various States, which in this case are fifty states.  The seat of government is located in Washington, D.C.  The national government or the Federal Government of USA has three branches: the Legislative Branch, the Executive Branch and the Judiciary Branch.  All three perform distinct functions but may still overlap in some instances.  To be assured that none of the branches would have powers more than what is needed, a separation of powers are provided.

The Legislative branch is responsible for passing the laws which should be approved by the two houses, the House of Representatives and the Senate.  The House of Representatives “represents” a district of a state. This means that the number of representatives for every district varies and may result to an unequal representation by protecting the interest of the district they serve.  To minimize the unequal representation, each state gets to elect two senators which will represent the interest of the state, neutralizing the power of the members of the House of Representatives.

The Executive branch is responsible for the enforcement of laws passed by the Legislative branch.  The federal officials that make up this branch are the president, the vice president and the cabinet members. The president and vice presidents are  elected officers while the cabinet members are appointed by the president with the approval of the Senate.  The president is the leader of the company and the commander-in-chief of the Armed forces.

The vice president assumes the responsibilities in cases when the president is unable to perform his duties and is also a cabinet member. There are fifteen cabinet members taking care of different departments.  The departments regulate the activities on agriculture, commerce, defense, education, energy, human and health services, homeland security, housing and urban development, interior, justice, labor, state, transportation, treasury and veterans affair.

The Supreme Court and the lower federal courts make up the Judiciary branch.  This branch is responsible for the interpretation and constitutionality of laws passed by the Legislative branch. The Supreme Court is also concerned on cases where the national government or state government is involved which maybe disputes or interstate relations or cases where appeal on lower federal court decisions are made.  A court of appeal, a district court and bankruptcy court is found in each district of a state.

Having defined the functions of each branch, a check and balance system is used to make sure that no abuse of powers take place.  The laws passed by the Legislative branch can be nullified by the Judiciary branch through the Supreme Court, or by the Executive branch with the veto power of the President. The President can appoint the Supreme Court Justices. In order to counter the powers of the Executive and Judicial branches, the Legislative branch can impeach the president and the federal judges.

Note however that no matter how much the federal system of government works for a country, political problems may still arise. And this is something that every federal official should try to keep at minimal level. Rf test socket It’s not easy but nothing in life is ever easy.


The Two-Party System Of America

The United States of American belongs to the top five largest countries in the world. With a wide land coverage and great population, the countries have been politically dominated by a two-party system. The modern political system consists of the Democratic Party, which is the majority party, and the Republican. But there are several third parties which operate and achieve minor representations.

The Democratic Party, which is one of the oldest parties in the world, supports the ideals to exercise freedom, rights and equality, as well as to give protection and be protected. They are advocates of freedom of speech and freedom of press, equal rights to due process, equal right to be represented through a vote and right to be benefactors of social services provided by the government.

Democrats believe that a progressive system of taxation will improve the condition of poverty, economic inequality and social injustice. Taxes should be used to support spending on social services like Social Security, health and other welfare programs.  These services encourage productive labor and serve as economic opportunities which manifest freedom.  In relation to this, they also believe that a higher minimum wage should be given to employers and laborers at regular increases.

The Democratic Party believes that the government should protect the environment and their foremost concern today is global warming. They believe that an improved economy with a great national security is a result of an alternative energy generation.

On the other hand, the Republican Party, which supports anti-slavery expansion, also supports an overall reduction in government spending and incurrence of national debts, gives emphasis on the traditional views concerning family, church, community history and other norms and values. They also promote constitutional democracy with the use of economic and military powers.

Contrary to Democrats, the Republicans support lower taxes. They believe that a lower income tax will increase the market value of final products and services. Government revenue from lower taxes is compensated through the increased purchasing power. Many of them do not support graduated tax rates because they believe that the ones being taxed are those who help shape up the country.  They are also not in favor of estate tax.

Although the Republican Party is concerned with global warming, they believe that it is actually a part of the miracle cycle of nature. Consequently, they support market based solutions for environmental protection. The government should provide incentives for scientific technologies that meet the environmental standards and policies.

There are Third Parties which get involve at national and state levels. The more popular parties are the Constitution Party, the Libertarian Party and the Green Party. The Constitution Party is conservative.  It makes use of the Bible as their basis of moral values and bases their principle on the US Democratic Independence. There is also the Libertarian Party which supports laissez-faire market. They do not want interventions on foreign policies regarding the freedom of trade.  And the Green Party which strongly supports environmentalism, peace, democracy and social justice is accomplishing all these without impairing respect for diversity.


Political Problems That Need Attention


Political Problems


The United States of America being one of the largest countries in the world and with ideals so great is not free from experiencing any hardship like any other nation.   There are a lot of political issues that really need to be addressed. Probably the areas that need immediate attention are international relations, financial concerns and unemployment, health issues and public education.

Why are international relations important? USA trades with other countries therefore it has to have a good international relationship with other countries.  Some US citizens think that their government is getting so involved in internal concerns of other countries which should not be happening.  If the government thinks they should get involved because of a military alliance, the leaders may consider supporting the alliance in a much peaceful means thereby not impairing any relationship with other countries.

The financial and unemployment concerns cover national deficit and cost of living.  Similar to a family experiencing a financial crisis, perhaps the source of the crisis is the spending practices of the family members. There are many approaches to initially handle such crisis.  Cut on the unnecessary expenditures.  Next is to think of ways on how to save.  A popular financial equation should be considered whether in good or bad times… “Earnings less savings equal expenditures”.  And if the situation hasn’t improved much, it would not hurt to look for other financial sources. This however can be very difficult to apply with the national government since it is general knowledge that government earnings come from taxes paid by the constituents.  Therefore, the government solution relies on financial management and dedication to carry out whatever measures the financial analysts may suggest which should be constitutional and acceptable under a federal government system.

Health issues are always personal and national concerns. It has been difficult for Americans to obtain health care.  Under the present administration, the natives are offered an insurance policy expected to have a better coverage.  Furthermore, the insurance companies are expected to have a faster, more transparent and more accommodating service to policyholders for the refund system.  But what the senior citizens need is free health care and free medicine.  Not just a few visits to doctors and specialists, or the use of emergency room.  The same goes for the children.  The government is implementing healthcare plans to increase health awareness.  But not everyone can afford a health plan.

The compulsory public education should not be neglected as well. Policies on control and funding are set by an elected school board with jurisdiction over the district.  But the state government makes the decision on the education standard and standardized testing.  Education molds the future leaders of the country.  It plays an important role in the vision of the youth.  Neglect on the education system means neglect of a better future for the nation.

Other issues would be global warming, corruption, invasion of privacy, inflation and more.  These issues also exist in other countries, perhaps at a different level.  But we have placed the government there to control the state in the sense that the lives of the constituents are made better. Better lives mean to meet the necessities of life and maybe a little more, to have good health and be proud that as a citizen, an individual’s contribution, whether in service and taxes, is being well managed in favor of the people.


The Modern Story of the US Government and Politics

The United States is among the most popular countries in the entire world. This is because they have a very big influence to almost all nations and civilization around the world. Aside from that, they are also considered as one of the strongest countries up to now in terms of economy and politics. Some people even attribute their strength to their government system and political structures.

In understanding briefly how the government of the United States works, we need to know its system, the foundational principles of the country as well as its political process. These are all very important because by understanding them, we will be able to grasp the reasons why they are in the specific direction they are taking right now. Aside from that, these are also necessary for us to understand the general thrust and ideology of the country as a whole.

First, when talking about the system of the US government, it is imperative to know their three (3) branches or pillars, which are the legislative, executive and the judicial branch. The creation of these branches are very strategic as part of their effort to instill a check and balance mechanism in the government system. This is because these three branches are all independent from each other and with equally distributed powers.

The legislative branch is the one that is responsible for crafting federal laws. This branch is composed of two houses: the House of the Representatives and the Senate, which represent the lower and upper house, representative. On the other hand, the executive branch is the one that includes the power of the President of the country. This is the one responsible in enforcing the laws made by the former branch that I have mentioned. Lastly is the judicial branch, which power is generally vested through the Supreme Court. The primary job of this branch is to have the proper interpretation and application of the federal laws.

Secondly, when it comes to the foundational principles of the country, the United States actually has at least six (6) principles where their Constitution is based. These six principles include the concept of popular sovereignty, the limited government, the separation of powers, the check and balance, the judicial review principle as well as the federalism. All of these six principles are engraved and inculcated all throughout the entire government system.

Now, talking about the political process in the United States, the power primarily resides to the people since they are a democratic country. This is manifested through the regular elections which is participated by the people up to the grassroots levels, even though the turnout is only 50%.

Moreover, in general sense, the electoral system in the country is dominated by the two-party scheme, which are the Democratic and Republican parties. However, this does not mean that they are the only parties allowed to participate in the elections. Since the country is a democratic one, they also welcome third parties, which happened to be minority parties like the ideological parties, economics as well as issue-based parties.

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